All of the equipment we use is professional grade, high quality, and state of the art. We use only the industry’s best components from Numark, Dennon, Pioneer, JBL Audio, Yorkville, AKG, Shure, QSC, and other fine companies. We also can provide LED lighting and effects at no charge. Some examples are shown below, but actual lighting may vary.


This is the Uplighting Package. This LED lighting package allows you to choose one or two colors that we would use at your event at an additional charge. If you really want your wedding to have a different look from other weddings, then this option might be for you. Uplighting projects colored lighting on walls or toward the ceiling at your venue, adding something extra to the atmosphere.

Wedding Monogram

With the Wedding Monogram option, you can have your names and wedding date or a monogram projected onto a surface for something extra special!